Interest Groups
    Suzanne ChaussĂ©
    Art Appreciation Linda Ricketts
    Bon AppĂ©tit Dining Victoria Pinnell
    Book Discussion I Margaret Nicoll-Griffith
    Book Discussion II Sandr Smith
    Book Discussion - Evening Heather Hamilton
    Bridge - Afternoon Eleanor Shaver
    Bridge - Afternoon Mixed Marathon Eileen Ross
    Bridge - Duplicate Jane Quail, Ginger Brossard
    Bridge - Intermediate Shirley Wick, Eibhlin McHale
    Cross Country Skiing Dianne Robinson
    French Conversation Janet Anderson
    German Conversation Christine Hamilton
    Gourmet Group II Barbara Marcolin
    Gourmet Group III Gilda Martinello
    Gourmet Group IV Valerie Fortin
    Issues and Action Patricia DuVal, Nancy Doray
    Jaunters Pat Jones
    Knit and Chat Tina Tessari
    Music Appreciation Maria Cranker
    Music History Joan Dyer
    Mystery Book Club Gilda Martinello
    Networking Group Linda Sestock
    New Book Exchange B.J. Bell
    Nurturing, Mind, Body, and Spirit Maria Roussakis
    Photography Club Maria Korab-Laskowska
    Travel Maria Korab-Laskowska
    Tutto Italiano Renata Bagga, Mary Vlahos
    Wine Appreciation I Janet Ankcorn
    Wine Appreciation II Joyce Schaaf
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